It's July, 1941. War is raging in Europe. Pearl Harbor is about to explode. Japan is terrorizing Korea and China and weaponizing  islands across the Pacific. Three women  – an ace transport pilot, a Chinese Intelligence officer and a local island leader – find themselves on Truk Lagoon in the Japanese Mandates, where they join forces to rescue young girls sexually enslaved by the Japanese Navy and its ruthless secret police, the Tokkeitai.



Season Two begins in December of 1941 with Japan's surprise attack at Pearl Harbor and America's entry into WWII.  

Nik and Taka are in Honolulu returning to Japan from a failed peace mission in Washington D.C.  when the attack occurs. Hawaii is thrown into chaos. The Army institutes martial law. Influential Japanese men, whether U.S. citizen or not, are picked up and held in internment camps throughout the islands.

Meanwhile, Jo, Walt and Maru are with Mike and Alice and the Flying Tigers in Burma.  The American Volunteer Group, or Flying Tigers, were American pilots secretly authorized by President Roosevelt to fly for the Chinese and protect them from the Japanese Air Force.



It's October, 1942. WWII is raging in Asia and the Pacific. The U.S. Navy has more than recovered from Japan's attack at Pearl Harbor the year before and is doing real damage to the Japanese Fleet and its vaunted Air Force. 

Jo McMenamy flies for the Office of Naval Intelligence out of Honolulu, and her special knowledge of the Pacific islands has been crucial. But like everyone in Hawaii, Jo, Daniel, and Maru, Walt and Ruby, Taka, Sue Ann and her family, all remain under martial law, while influential Hawaiian-Japanese men are held in camps with a growing number of Japanese POWs.

In China, Alice and Li-ang initiate a daring plan to unify their country once the Japanese have been driven out. Mike finds himself deeply involved when he’s recruited to fly for the O.S.S., the U.S. Army's new spy agency, operating in China for the first time.

Prince Nik Nikura is in war-torn Japan on the Southern island of Shikoku doing what he can for the people of his ancestral home there. Starvation runs rampant in Japan, and younger and younger men are being pressed into military service.



It's the Spring of 1945, and the Second World War is in its fourth year in the Pacific.  On April 12th, President Roosevelt dies of a cerebral hemorrhage, and Harry Truman becomes President.  Two weeks later, Adolph Hitler commits suicide, and the Nazis surrender.  With Germany defeated in Europe, the U.S. and its allies focus their full attention on the Japanese.

In Hawaii, most interned Japanese have been released from the camps.  Nightly blackouts and martial law have finally ended, but the U.S. military still controls the islands.  Hawaiian civilians are counting the days until the war is over.  

And with Japan nearly vanquished, the Chinese civil war between the Communists and the Nationalists is about to explode again. While at the same time, Russia is moving on Manchuria and ready to take any advantage it can in China, and in Japan...